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Louis Foreman
Product Development and Innovation Expert

Louis Foreman is a prolific inventor, product developer, innovation enthusiast and small business entrepreneur. In 20 years, Louis has created nine successful startups and has been directly responsible for the creation of more than 20 others. In recent years, he’s been called upon by Congress to share his point of view on patent reform, by USA Today for commentary on entrepreneurship and often to address schools and universities to propel the advancement of innovation for all ages. Louis J. Foreman's Bio 2014

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May 12, 2014- Patent Properties Advisory Board Press Release

Patent Properties Announces Creation of Advisory Board of The United States Patent Utility Robert Stoll, Former U.S. Patent Commissioner, to Chair Team of Outside Expert Advisors Stamford, CT – May 12, 2014 – Patent Properties, Inc. (OTCQB: PPRO), an intellectual property company that develops and commercializes its unique portfolio of assets and is creating aContinue Reading

The Hill- May 6th, 2014

Patent Reform Legislation to hurt the American Inventor It’s easy to be against so-called “patent trolls.” First, there’s the name—no one wants to be associated with something that sounds like the evil cousin of a leprechaun. Then there’s what patent trolls actually do. Even if you’re not currently collecting a paycheck as an intellectual propertyContinue Reading “Innovators, Watch Out for These Invention Killers” May 1st, 2014

Inventors are problem solvers. If they weren’t, they wouldn’t be inventing. But ask anyone who has gone through the process of turning an idea — even a great one — into a marketable commodity: The list of problems is just beginning. That’s not to be discouraging. It’s just to point out that the world is notContinue Reading