Louis Foreman: Speaker

Throughout his career, Louis has addressed a variety of individuals in a variety of settings. Whether it’s a local inventors network or members of Congress, Louis provides an engaging and thought-provoking conversation on innovation and entrepreneurship. Innovation is one of today’s hot topics. It is what drives our society forward and few people have more knowledge on the subject than Louis Foreman. His first-hand experience, passion and entrepreneurship make him an expert on the topic and a valuable speaker.

Louis leaves audiences feeling inspired to make a positive change – to make someone or something better. He knows what it takes to get a novel idea to the market. He has experience in all different areas – he’s an inventor himself, holding 10 patents, he began a successful product design and engineering company, he publishes a magazine devoted to the topic of American Innovation, he has written and published an Inventor’s handbook, he has produced an Emmy® Award-winning TV show and he helped found one of the premier and highly-trafficked web platforms dedicated to innovation.

In short, Louis is a case-in-point example of what it could look like if you pursued your innovative dreams and aspirations. Through his hands-on experience in developing ideas and his involvement within the world of intellectual property, Louis understands the innovation industry.

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